1. Commission prices start at $100*,16x20 acrylic painting on stretched canvas, varnish coated, edges painted, so it does not require a frame to hang on wall.

Autos – $125– more detail, more work,for an 16x20 acrylic painting .

Portraits start at $100 for 16x20 painting; more images in portrait $50 each more per subject.

*Plus Shipping Costs

This also applies to pet portraits.

  1. Deposit required –  One-half of the final price is to be paid in advance, the balance upon completion.
    Non refundable.  If the painting is rejected, I will keep the deposit and the painting.
  1.  Completion will be within 30 days of commencement.
  2. An image of the painting will be emailed upon completion; no corrections will be permitted.
  3. Painting will be delivered unframed. SHIPPING Charges apply
    Painting is covered with glassine paper, cardboard paper to protect surface of painting, enclosed in plastic bag to protect against moisture, two inches of bubble wrap in a heavy grade cardboard box.  This is museum quality recommended shipping methods. No packing or handling charges for this service.
  4. Request a photo of image for painting sent to stella.witte@outlook.com
  5. The artist will retain all reproduction rights to image, and the right to post pictures of the painting on the internet.

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Artist:  Stella Witte